Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Siemens Enhances Milltronics Belt Scales

Siemens has extended its range of Milltronics MSI and MMI belt scales, allowing them to be used on systems with flow rates of up to 12,000 tonnes per hour, an increase of 7000 tonnes per hour. The Milltronics MSI is a heavy-duty single idler belt scale. It is designed for use in rugged process applications and offers instant response to belt loading.

It has an overload protection to 300 per cent. The MSI measures only the vertical load applied through the belt and the supporting suspended idler, making it structurally sound so that it can be applied to the most demanding applications. Drop-in installation makes alignment easy and economical. The Milltronics MMI is a heavy-duty, high accuracy multi-idler belt scale consisting of two or more MSI scales.

The two-idler MMI-2 offers accuracy up to +/- 0.25 per cent. It is suitable for critical process and load-out control. For even greater accuracy, the Milltronics MMI-3, a three-idler belt scale, can be used on applications requiring accuracy to +/- 0.125 per cent.

The MSI and MMI, combined with a Milltronics BW500 Integrator and a speed sensor, now have OIML (International Organization of Legal Metrology) and MID ((Measuring Instruments Directive) approval. These approvals guarantee that both belt scales meet strict requirements for weights and measures applications in accuracy and repeatability.

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