Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Parker-Origa Protects Drives Against Sticky Fluids

Parker-Origa has developed the Clean Design system, which protects linear drives from sugary and sticky fluids present in food manufacturing and other process lines. The Clean Design system protects linear drives - including associated guides, sensors and travel-measurement systems - in a modular, stainless-steel housing sealed to IP64. The resulting drive is ideal for use where intensive washdowns are frequent and in damp, dusty and otherwise challenging environments.

Key to the effectiveness of the Clean Design system is the longitudinal-seal along the stroke. A driven element passing through the seal provides the connection between the linear drive and the customer's equipment. The design and layout of the seal is such that fluids run off the outer lip of the seal and do not penetrate inside. The lips of the seal are made from low-wear material and, if necessary, can be changed simply, without the need for assembly aids. The upward-facing cover plate of the Clean Design can be easily released and removed by simply undoing a few screws.

The Parker-Origa Clean Design linear drive and its driven element can be installed laterally (side-plain up, or in three o'clock and nine o'clock positions) or vertically (either up or down) without compromising the protection provided by the seal. Depending on the stroke of the linear drive, a number of assembly fixing points are provided - either directly on the threaded holes of the fixing points or using various adaptors.

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