Friday, May 08, 2009

Panel Thermostats Offer Peak Current Rating Of 10A

The 1T series of panel thermostats from Finder are aimed at designers and manufacturers of electrical control panels, motor control centres, distribution and server cabinets and automation systems. They are designed to maintain acceptable ambient temperature levels in electrical control panels and enclosures by controlling on/off status of heating and/or ventilation components.

The thermostats are ideal for use in controlling heating and ventilation within panels and equipment installed in areas subjected to wide variations in ambient temperature, and where temperatures inside enclosures are likely to rise considerably due to the normal operation of equipment and components contained within. Reliability is the main factor driving the demand for this type of thermostat by reducing damage to, and minimising the potential failure of equipment caused either by the effects of overheating or by condensation resulting from rapid cooling.

The units' compact 35mm (EN 60715) rail-mounting form enables easy installation, requiring minimal space requirements. Rated at 250VAC at 5A, the thermostats offer a peak current rating of 10A. For safety and reliability, a dielectric strength of 500VAC is provided between open contacts. The units' 'snap action' thermostatic bimetal sensor provides a positive switching action minimising arcing and promoting long electrical life (100,000 cycles).

A protection level of IP20 is provided. Suitable for applications in a range of environments, the 1T series thermostats feature an easily adjustable 0-60C temperature setting range for both heating and cooling outputs. The use of colour-coded dials for temperature setting - heating (red) and cooling/ventilation (blue) - facilitates quick recognition of type and control function.

CE-approved, the range of 1T thermostats comprises three compact models: one for heating, one for cooling and a combined unit providing both heating and cooling functions. All are equipped with integral sensor and simple connections ideal for quick and easy control panel installation.

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