Friday, May 01, 2009

Optigo 3D Measurement Checks Mecaner's Dies

Cognitens has supplied its Optigo 3D optical measurement system to Spanish sheet-metal die producer Mecaner SA. The white-light system - which facilitates quality iterations and manufacturing-process corrections in real time - is being used for dimensional inspection and reverse-engineering applications. Mecaner chose the Cognitens system for its speed, reliability and increased productivity.

It complements inspection outputs from five co-ordinate-measuring machines operated by the company's quality-control department. Alberto Goirigolzarri, senior director of quality and environment at Mecaner, said: 'There were several reasons why we chose the Optigo system. 'It is portable, which allows us to use it throughout our entire production process. 'The precision and reliability of measurements is comparable with our existing CMMs, while its ability to analyse part measurements is superior.' The Cognitens Optigo system's multiple fields of view facilitate quality inspection and evaluation on the shop floor and 3D digitisation with point cloud and STL outputs for product engineering and design processes.

The versatile system provides 3D metrology data for entire surfaces as well as the most common characteristics, various types of edges and other important dimensions. Its speed and flexibility - including its ability to pinpoint quality shortcomings in real time - were a major factor in clinching the deal with Mecaner. Goirigolzarri added: 'Optigo is of great assistance to us in improving the die-casting machining process.

'In addition, it has provided us with a big advance in the way we are able to check for anomalies throughout the die production and tryout process. 'We also use it to produce various inspection reports for our customers to enhance satisfaction and confidence in our products.' Mecaner is a Spanish die-design and construction company that complies with the ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, VDA 6.4 and TE Supplement quality standards.

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