Friday, May 08, 2009

Microtrace Expands Anti-Counterfeit Taggant Range

Microtrace LLC has added several ready-to-use solutions for product security and brand protection to its traceable anti-counterfeit Microtaggant technology. Taggants are uniquely encoded for each customer or application and address counterfeiting, product liability / warranty and other product security / brand protection issues in a variety of industries.

In the plastics industry, the anti-counterfeit technology is compounded into a master-batch for easy processing. In its basic form, the Microtaggant is a unique numeric-code sequence in a multi-coloured layer format. In more complex form, it delivers multiple layers of security through the incorporation of several nano / taggant technologies in a single microscopic particle.

Verification and detection are performed with a variety of inexpensive hand-held readers and scanners. Microtrace taggants are delivered to the plastics industry in two formats. For the compounder or master-batcher, the taggants are delivered in dry-particle form for compounding into a master-batch. For the plastic processor, the taggants are delivered in a finished master-batch per customer specification, ready for processing.

The anti-counterfeit taggant master-batch is processed as normal, so no special equipment is required. Taggants can be incorporated into a variety of plastic resin types and colours. The end result is a finished plastic product with covert identification and authentication capabilities for product security and brand protection. Other anti-counterfeit technologies offer only a single level of authentication, whether it is visual, spectral or another identification method.

Microtrace can incorporate one or all of these nano / taggant technologies within the structure of a single Microtaggant identification particle to provide the highest possible level of security for each application.

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