Friday, May 01, 2009

LVD Enhances Axel 4020 With Load/Unload System

LVD has added the option of a load/unload system to its Axel 4020 laser-cutting system, providing continuous, uninterrupted dynamic laser-processing of sheets up to 4 x 2M. Axel 4020 combines linear drive technology, laser power and control systems for large sheet processing. The load/unload system can be easily retrofitted at any time and handles sheets up to 1000kg.

It allows loading and unloading functions to be performed independently, with a plate-to-plate changeover time of just 29 seconds. Integration of the load/unload system permits unattended production, freeing the operator to perform other tasks. The Axel 4020 machine and load/unload system feature a modular design, providing maximum efficiency in material handling while minimising the required floor space.

The loading station is equipped with spreading magnets, a peeling cup to separate non-ferrous material and a sheet-thickness measurement device. The loading mechanism moves only in a vertical direction for quick and safe loading of sheets from the loading station. The system is controlled through a single integrated and intuitive touch-screen CNC control.

The high beam-quality of the resonator allows processing of thin material at speeds up to 40m/min and thick material up to 25mm mild steel with high-quality surface finishes. The laser source, CNC, PLC and motors are integrated and interfaced as a complete system to optimise machine performance, offering high speed and reliability and low operating and maintenance costs.

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