Friday, May 08, 2009

IM100 To Test Air Spring Impact Properties

Imatek has completed the installation of an IM100 impact tester at Firestone Industrial Products that will be used to test and develop the impact properties of air springs and their component parts. The parts are used in suspension systems for the automotive and rail industries. Imatek's IM100 is an instrumented impact tester providing impact speeds up to 6m/s and uses a variable mass system of up to 200kg to provide impact energies from 1000 Joules to 5000 Joules.

Instrumentation is based around a 250KN precision load cell coupled to Imatek's C3008 data-capture system and a PC running the Impacqt system control and data analysis software. Imatek's Impacqt software is designed to allow for the configuration of the drop parameter, the data capture and the analysis of resulting data. The software is designed for high productivity.

There is no limit to the number or complexity of results that may be defined, so analysis can be tailored to specific applications. The software provides a rich set of functions for analysing measured and calculated data. Reconfiguring reporting requirements between metric and US imperial takes just a couple of mouse clicks.

The IM100 features a versatile and configurable specimen support area accommodating a range of specimen types to replicate typical in-use conditions found in the range of vehicle applications. Firestone intends to use the impact tester for quality control and research purposes to test and improve the performance of air springs and their component parts. In particular, it will be investigating the transition of components to brittle failure due to temperature change.

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