Thursday, May 14, 2009

ICR Rod-Style Actuator Simplifies Motion Control

Tolomatic has released the ICR Basic rod-style actuator, the first model in the company's new Smartactuator series of compact, all-in-one linear actuators. These actuators (integrated servomotor, drive, controller and actuator) simplify motion control for industrial applications. The Smartactuator series can be built to order and is ready to ship in five days from factory order. The series is designed for durability and 100 per cent duty cycle performance.

It combines a powerful servomotor with a rugged ball-screw housed in a sturdy aluminium extrusion. The series also incorporates Tolomatic's Endurance TechnologySM features for long service life and to remove the need for maintenance. Aaron Dietrich, electric product manager for Tolomatic, said: 'When applying traditional electric motion-control systems, engineers have to specify each component in the system, often purchasing them from different suppliers, and then assemble and test them to suit their specific application requirements.

'There are many motion-control applications where a Smartactuator series solution can meet performance requirements while saving time, reducing machinery footprints and significantly reducing costs.' The ICR Basic Smartactuator unit requires only a DC power source and motion inputs from the host PLC. It can be installed as a direct replacement for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders in a variety of packaging, material handling, machine tool and general industrial-automation applications.

Force and speed control are fully adjustable via potentiometers using a standard screwdriver. The ICR Basic Smartactuator model operates on either 24 or 48V DC. Digital signal inputs from the host PLC trigger extend and retract movements; the same signals are often used for pneumatic cylinder motion-control systems. Unlike pneumatic cylinders, ICR Basic units are capable of mid-stroke positioning by removing the extend/retract signal from the PLC.

Once the signal is removed, the actuator will stop and hold its position until it receives the next motion signal. The ICR Basic actuator is stroke-configurable and provides 100 per cent duty-cycle durability for low-to-medium-force applications. Maximum stroke length is 24in (609.6mm). Two screws can be selected, providing up to 80lb (36.29kg) continuous force (150lb peak) for speeds of up to 23in per second, or up to 200lb continuous force (400lb peak) for speeds up to 9in per second.

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