Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Fraser To Hold Degreasing Seminar

Fraser Cleaning Technologies will hold a free half-day seminar on solvent- and water-based solutions for degreasing, at the Brooklands Hotel, Barnsley, on June 18 2009. The conference will also feature discussions on regulatory issues and the options open to companies to ensure critical cleaning standards.

For example, the event will discuss trichloroethylene, a commonly used solvent in Europe that has come under pressure to be substituted because of its 'may cause cancer' classification. Delegates will attend from all around the UK. Regulatory services staff will advise on all aspects of component cleaning.

The event is organised to allow each delegate to gain insight into all possibilities available for component cleaning and to use the experience of speakers to enable good judgements when seeking to improve a cleaning process. To register an interest, companies should email Denise Litster at Fraser Cleaning Technologies.

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