Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cutting Head Suits High-Pressure Applications

The Active Autoline Pro abrasive cutting head from KMT Waterjet Systems has been specifically designed for waterjet cutting with 6,200 bar pressures. Its design and materials of construction can withstand large forces while focusing the energy to the cutting jet. According to KMT, the features of Active Autoline Pro cutting heads include automatic precision alignment, repetition accuracy, high cutting speeds, long service life and easy maintenance.

It takes a few seconds to replace the few wear parts of the head, such as the water nozzle, mixing chamber and focusing tube - and no tools are required. In order to keep routine maintenance to a minimum, these components are made from tough wear-proof materials and are part of the company's PSC (Precision System Components) range, which includes all the installation parts required to feed the high pressure from the pump to the connected cutting stations.

PSC parts have been specifically designed for waterjet cutting at 6,200 bar. Active Autoline Pro cutting heads can also be integrated into other waterjet cutting systems with rigid or multiple head connections.

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