Thursday, May 14, 2009

CJ1 PLC And GRT1 To Support Profinet

Omron plans to add Profinet units to two of its main product lines. A CJ1 module, CJ1W-PNT21, will enable the CJ1 PLC to support Profinet I/O. Set-up and monitoring over all possible connections to the PLC will be supported, using the latest FDT configuration tools, and will be as easy as setting up a traditional field network. The Smartslice modular I/O system has built-in intelligence that reduces engineering effort and machine changeover times, and early-warning functions to avoid unplanned machine maintenance.

With the GRT1-PNT bus coupler for Profinet I/O, these PLC-independent functions will be easily accessible through any FDT-based software tool. Equipped with a built-in Ethernet switch, it will be possible to link Profinet I/O stations together in a line topology without having to install additional hardware, saving costs, space and installation time. Features include: standard Ethernet set-up using FDT tools, as with a traditional Fieldbus; remote I/O with two ports, for onward connection without external switches; single-point access to all devices; large data capacity; high speed.

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