Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Souriau Unveils Range Connector

Souriau's UTO range connector is designed for high-speed Ethernet connections in severe operating environments, and can be assembled in less than a minute. It allows the user to use a standard RJ45 cordset and does not require any specific tooling. It is designed for field installations in applications such as robotics, machines, automation systems, rail systems and industrial telecommunications, as well as onboard applications.

The UTO RJ45 connector is easy to assemble. The user takes any new or used cordset, breaks off the standard snap clip by hand and inserts it into the socket. The clip-based mounting system developed by Souriau will then mount and securely maintain the cable. Thanks to this system and unlike competing models, the UTO RJ45 comprises only three main parts that are easily handled by the assembly operator.

It is resistant to impact and vibration, and offers excellent temperature performance from -40C to 85C. It offers IP67 sealing, and is salt-mist-resistant (for 96 hours in the black anodised ring version) and UV-resistant. It is rated for 500 mating cycles, and is equipped with the Trim Trio locking mechanism: this is a one-third of a turn bayonet locking mechanism with a click lock motion that the user can feel and hear, guaranteeing a proper connection.

It is available in a square-flange receptacle version (with four screws) or a centre Jam nut receptacle version. It supports Ethernet 10 BaseT, 100 BaseTX, 1000 BaseT, Cat5e networks to TIA/EIA 568B standards and Class D to ISO/IEC 11801. The UTO range is compliant with the European RoHS environmental directive. The UTO socket is a part of the Trim Trio family. The range is very extensive, and designed around the same modular base. The connector cavities and contacts are common to all Trim Trio connectors. As a result, users retain full freedom to design their connector, whether it be signal, power or high-speed (coax cable or optical fibre).

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