Tuesday, April 07, 2009

SMT Connector Powers LEDs From Underside Of Board

Tyco has introduced the SMT thru-board connector, which supplies power from the underside of an FR4 or aluminium-clad PC board, eliminating issues of dressing wires on the top side of LED boards. The two-position through six-position connector surface mounts on top of the board, passing through the board to present an underside interface.

The connector mates with standard Mini CT connectors. The inverted design allows simpler assembly and installation of solid-state LED lighting in architectural, residential and commercial applications. The Mini CT connector is rated for three amps per contact, on 24 AWG wire. A space-saving low-profile design and rounded corners minimise shadowing.

The connector fits through a hole or notch in the board. High-temperature materials allow the connector to be reflow soldered, while a flat-top surface provides compatibility with vacuum pickup. The connector uses surface-mount hold-downs to provide stability during mating and unmating. With UL listing and CSA certification, the connectors meet the requirements of UL 1977, File No E2847.

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