Monday, April 27, 2009

PRT Enables Higher Load Capacities

PBC Linear has announced the release of its Profile Rail Technology (PRT), which will consist of application-specific caged and non-caged runner blocks with a lubrication system. The company said the technology offers longer life, ability for higher load capacities, and corrosion-resistant chrome rail finishing for tolerating harsh environments. Backed by a reservoir lubrication system to ensure longer life and smooth, quiet operation, PRT's runner blocks aim to provide reliable linear motion without further lubrication.

As the ball bearings circulate, they are lubricated by end-cap reservoirs, providing a protective lubrication film in the ball tracks, facilitating a long-lasting system. The new caged-type runner blocks have additional built-in oil reservoirs at every cage ball pocket, which extends or eliminates the time between lubrication cycles. Caged runner blocks also provide up to 19 per cent more load capacity and reduce noise and vibration by 84 per cent more than competing technologies.

To keep dirt out and extend life, all PBC linear runner blocks incorporate a standard double-row sealing system. Runner blocks are available in wide and narrow, low and high combinations, in addition to short, long, and extra-long configurations. The rails and runner blocks are outfitted with corrosion-resistant black oxide, chrome or black chrome rail finishes.

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