Monday, April 20, 2009

Partex Reveals Stainless-Steel Markers

Partex has unveiled the PKS range of stainless-steel markers for cable and component identification. The legend is embossed, making them far less likely to act as dirt traps: the concave part of the legend is at the back of the marker, and they remain legible even with substantial build-up. They can even be painted and still be perfectly legible.

Despite the clear benefits offered by stainless-steel markers, potential users are sometimes concerned that they will be harder to work with and take longer to install than conventional markers. In fact, the differences are small, and can be made even smaller by choosing the right product. For large projects, customised multi-character markers are a suitable option.

These are delivered with the complete legend already embossed and ready for immediate installation. Partex offers customised stainless-steel markers with two rows of characters, allowing even long legends to be accommodated on a single marker.

For smaller projects or when carrying out modifications on site, single-character markers with carrier strips allow the user to compose almost any legend on the spot. The Partex range includes stainless ties in a wide range of sizes, with a choice of roller-ball and ladder versions, and tools which tension the ties and automatically cut off the tail when the correct tension has been reached.

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