Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kavlico Unveils Sensors For Hydraulic Applications

Kavlico has introduced a suite of sensors designed to perform in a wide variety of hydraulic applications. Capable of operating for millions of pressure cycles, these low power consumption pressure sensors provide an accurate, reliable and stable signal over many years of operation in the harshest environments.

The high overpressure capability of Kavlico sensors for fluid power applications is designed to withstand the pressure fluctuations associated with these applications. These rugged devices have stainless steel housings and can be configured with a broad selection of process and electrical connectors to fit the specification criteria for each application.

Operating on 5V DC, the sensors provide a 0.5 to 4.5 linear amplified output proportional to pressure. Pressure ranges are available up to 6,000lb/in2. Typical pressure sensor applications include: on- and off-highway vehicle hydraulic systems; trenching machines; pressurised tools; adaptive suspension systems; material testing; lifts; cargo loading systems; transmissions; hydraulic applications for heavy equipment.

Kavlico sensors for hydraulic applications include the P4000 sealed high-pressure sensor and the P250/P251 sealed industrial pressure sensor.

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