Monday, April 27, 2009

Fishing Port Profits From Jiskoot Fuel-Oil Blender

A Jiskoot Jetmix and Viscosity Trim fuel-oil blender system installed at a fishing port in Namibia has delivered savings and a competitive advantage by reducing blended product costs. The fuel-oil blender has an integrated control system and a performance guarantee giving +/-1 per cent viscosity of the target recipe.

This skid-mounted system, supplied by the Cameron Jiskoot Quality Systems business unit, was designed to blend in-line heavy fuel oil with gas oil to produce 10m3/h of 70cSt fuel oil that can be pumped directly to the waiting ships at the jetty. It will also provide a representative Marpol-compliant sample as the blend progresses, as well as a representative sample of the incoming feedstocks.

The system blends the two feedstocks to ensure a fully homogenous result with guaranteed accuracy and repeatability of viscosity measurement to ensure that it does not exceed the maximum design viscosity at the reference temperature.

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