Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bearing Condition Monitor Has Added Features

The Amot XTS-W+ bearing condition monitor has extra operating features including fully integrated water-in-oil monitoring and automatic calibration. Developed to protect large two-stroke diesel engines in marine applications, the system's upgraded functions also include dual alarms and trending, standardised reporting functionality and compliance with the latest MAN Diesel specifications.

These new features and enhanced diagnostics are designed to improve engine protection through faster and easier fault finding, allowing engineers to assess the rate of bearing wear and make the necessary operational decisions to protect the engine and maximise running time. By providing advanced warning of bearing wear, serious and high-cost consequential damage to crank-shafts and connecting rod journals will be avoided.

The adoption of the Amot XTS-W+ bearing condition monitor can help ship owners prevent high-cost unplanned repairs and loss of revenue from unplanned downtime. XTS-W+ can also eliminate expensive open-up inspections.

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