Friday, September 26, 2008

AMCI Unveils Stepper Motor Indexer/Driver

AMCI (Advanced Micro Controls) has introduced the 6A SD17060E stepper motor indexer/driver designed for Allen-Bradley's Ethernet IP industrial network.
This integrated stepper indexer/driver saves money and simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a separate controller in the PLC Microstepping, programmable current output, and anti-resonance circuitry are all standard features
To add stepper axes, users simply attach another SD17060E to their Ethernet IP network.

Besides connectivity to Allen Bradley's network, the AMCI SD17060E has many features that set it apart from conventional stepper motor drivers. Such features include anti-resonance circuitry that eliminates motor shaft jitter, unwanted vibration and stalling. It also uses vari-step velocity control, providing exceptional smoothness and performance, independent of the user's configured resolution.

Smoothness is guaranteed even at the lowest resolutions. Mechanically, a narrow and compact design saves space, while versatile mounting options allow for panel or side installation. Customers who want their stepper motor to follow an encoder will value the SD17060E's electronic gearing feature.

Electronic gear ratios are programmable, making it easy and affordable to reconfigure applications. Standard AMCI safeguards also remain, including an interlock connection to prevent injury if the motor connector is removed while the driver is powered. Additional safety measures include short-circuit protection - phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground - and over-temperature circuitry.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sherborne Sensors Releases Linear Accelerometers

Sherborne Sensors has launched the A545 range of highly accurate and robust multi-axis linear accelerometers. They measure vector acceleration and are available in either bi- or tri-axial variants. Highly accurate piezo-resistive strain gauge technology is used which, unlike fluid-damped devices, employs air damping so that accuracy remains essentially independent of temperature. The transducer is engineered for harsh environments and is packaged in a robust aluminium alloy housing incorporating positive mechanical stops that confer high shock resistance and overload protection.

It is also fully compensated for the effects of temperature on both sensitivity and zero outputs. Typical applications include biomechanical investigations, data acquisition systems and more severe uses such as crash test, impact, shock and vibration analysis. Acceleration ranges are from +/- 2 to +/-500g and for customers with specific applications, the accelerometers can be supplied with different acceleration ranges in each axis, for example +/-2g in the X axis and +/-5g in the Y axis. Designed for operation from a DC power source, the accelerometer is suitable for DC and AC acceleration applications and has a wide-range useable frequency response from DC to several kHz.

Friday, September 19, 2008

TURCK Inc. announces the new C12 interfacer™ relay featured in the new "RELECO by TURCK" catalog. The 2-pole changeover contact relay is used for linking PC or PLC logic to machine operation. C12 interfacer relays offer numerous advantages over conventional block, modular terminal strip or socket I/O products that require hours of wiring and potential downtime if a relay fails or needs to be replaced.

The C12 interfacer provides a modular solution with a universal socket to allow both input and output relays with various voltages to be positioned on a DIN rail and replaced individually as needed. The relays also feature a built-in surge suppressor that eliminates the need to specify separate relays for AC and DC applications.

C12 interfacer relays are industrial grade plug-in relays with rugged blade terminals that won’t easily bend or break and feature push-to-test and pull-to-lock latches for trouble-free testing. Further, the relay’s face label includes its electrical configuration, voltage range and wiring diagram to facilitate maintenance ease and efficient control systems. The relay also features a dual status indicator that contains both an LED pilot light and a mechanical flag to indicate output at a glance.

In addition to the C12 interfacer relay, the "RELECO by TURCK" catalog features new CSS relays used for either AC or DC inductive and resistive load switching. The durable CSS-DC relays are ideal when switching up to 50 VDC in heating elements, motors, solenoids or input/output signals on PLCs. CSS-AC relays were designed for use in switching resistors, incandescent lamps and signaling applications.
Wisetools Adds Loops Module To Inview v5.5

Wisetools has added a loops module to Inview v5.5, allowing users to search for loops at the area or unit levels by loop name, measured variable, loop number, equipment number or PandID number. The loops report displays loops in a tree format and expands to display associated tags. In addition, documents are available for those loops and tags that have data, for example loop drawings, loop notes, datasheets, datasheet notes, alarms and trips, index attached documents, calculations, calibration values, hook-ups, I/O assignments, process data and calibration values.

Inview is a comprehensive, web-based viewer for SPI/Intools users, plant maintenance and project managers. Inview has simple built-in searches, filters and customisable views/prints of: specs/datasheets, process data, panel strip reports, index attached documents, calculations, hookups, alarms and trips, I/O assignments and the loops module.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rapid Electronics Launches Enclosures

Rapid Electronics has launched a range of DIN rail-mountable ABS enclosures from Fibox, hand-held and wall-mounted enclosures from Pactec, and modular keyfob cases from Evatron. The Fibox Tempo range is fitted with an easy-to-install hinge, available with grey or clear lids, and IP65-rated RoHS-compliant and halogen-free, all Fibox enclosures are supplied with PUR gasket, screws for mounting plate and DIN rail, polyamide cover- screws and plastic hinges.

Mounting plates, DIN rails, hinges, wall-mounting lugs and covers are all available separately. The XP series from Pactec is a range of hand-held enclosures for keypads, testers and other hand-held applications. Made of ABS-94HB polycarbonate material, the enclosures are secured by recessed screws and available in black or PC bone.

Also from Pactec is a range of IP67-rated wall-mounted enclosures, suitable for harsh outdoor environments or indoor industrial applications, such as wireless communication systems, wall-mount lighting controls, security systems and test equipment.

Friday, September 12, 2008

BEI Kimco Magnetics Releases Product Brochure

BEI Kimco Magnetics, a company of Custom Sensors & Technologies, has recently released a product brochure highlighting its brushless DC motors and drives. The brochure provides a brief overview of each of these product lines as well as matrix detailing product specifications and associated part numbers. Also included is a synopsis of BEI Kimco Magnetics' manufacturing and quality standards and market position.

For the brushless DC motors, customers can determine part number requirement based upon the following criteria: peak torque (Nm); continuous stall torque (Nm); maximum speed (rpm); motor constant; rotor length; diameter (mm); axial length (mm); and weight (g).

For drives, the order criteria include: supply voltage (VDC); nominal current; max; current; and input. For linear actuators, customers can determine part number requirement based upon the following criteria: peak force (N); continuous stall force (N); total stroke (mm); actuator constant, OD/width (mm); and length (@mid-stroke) (mm).

For rotary actuators, part numbers are determined using the following criteria: peak force (Nm); continuous stall force (Nm); total excursion angle (degrees); actuator constant; width (mm); and height (mm).

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beko Extends Range With Owamat 11

Beko Technologies has extended its range of oil water separators with the launch of Owamat 11. Owamat 11 can be used on compressors up to 230 m3/hr capacity - around double that of the existing Owamat 10, which remains in the line-up It offers a cost-effective solution for condensate treatment in one of the most popular compressor size ranges. Owamat 11 is structurally similar to Owamat 10, with the additional feature of a filter warning indicator.

It is also possible to fit a heating system Owamat 11, as with all its larger stable mates. Owamat is an oil-water separation system for dispersed condensates. Benefits of the new range include smaller footprint, greater separation efficiency, and the ability to treat some synthetic oils. Separation in the new Owamat range is achieved by the Oekosorb filtration material.

Owamat 10 and 11 are suited for integration into portable equipment, and for mounting onto compressor packages due to the wall/floor brackets supplied with the product. A conical filter cartridge ensures that condensate bypass is not possible, assuring the user of clean discharge. Owamat 11 is available from Beko UK from 1 September.