Friday, December 28, 2007

MotionMatch is a new sizing software package for servo drives and motors from Lenze-AC Tech. Company officials describe the combination of MotionMatch motor sizing software and MotionView drive configuration software as a powerful yet simple solution to motion control management. According to Darrow Hanesian, Director of Product Management at Lenze-ACTech: 'Sising a motor shouldn't be rocket science and neither should programming a servo drive'.

Hanesian reckons that Lenze -AC Tech's MotionMatch, used with the existing MotionView, takes all the guess work out of pairing a servo drive and a motor, plus the user can now configure the drive with infinite ease. 'Our application engineers often get asked about the right size motor for a customer's application; unfortunately, however, the question usually comes after some failure has occurred', says Hanesian.

Deb Kling, Lenze-ACTech Marketing Manager, agrees: 'With thousands of drive and motor combinations to choose from, it is no wonder that customers get frustrated with the selection process; with MotionMatch, all you need to do is enter your application requirements and the program will return the compatible servo drive/motor combinations'.

Hanesian and Kling say that Lenze-ACTech customers have been using MotionView to configure the PositionServo drive since the software's introduction in 2001. 'The success of MotionView lies in its intuitive windows-based menu and the ability to fully program the drive from a PC', says Hanesian. Kling calls the pairing of MotionMatch and MotionView 'a marriage made in machine heaven'.