Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sensor Detects Critical Leaks

Rechner have introduced the Leak 500 capacitive sensor for the detection of critical leaks. The sensor can be mounted, using the bracket if required, directly on to the base of a drip tray or to the floor of a cabinet and as soon as any liquid enters the field an output will be activated. The size of the sensor makes it ideal for containers and pipelines or for mounting in drip trays whether metal, glass or plastic.

The housing and the cable are made of PTFE, making the sensor suitable for the semiconductor and the chemical industries. The supply required is 10 to 35V DC and there are both PNP and NPN versions available. The housing has a height of 18.8mm and the gap between the active sensor face and the base over which the liquid is to be detected is 2.8mm.

The field of the sensor does not extend beyond the contained area below the active face, within the feet of the sensor. The Leak 500 is a simple way of providing an alarm to avoid the problems caused by leaks of critical liquids.