Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ethernet Switches Offer Multiple Redundancy Levels

Ethernet Direct has released its dual homing technology in its industrial Ethernet switches. Ethernet Direct offers a broad range of industrial managed Ethernet products designed with multi-levels of redundancy to ensure a reliable and secured industrial network. Ethernet Direct offers X-Ring on Industrial managed Ethernet switches.

As a network expands by connecting many devices together, Ethernet redundancy becomes more critical to ensure nonstop connection. The X-Ring proprietary protocol incorporates both a coupling ring and dual homing.

When there is more than one X-Ring group set up in a network, the dual homing feature can ensure two X-Ring groups with redundant back up when connected to a backbone switch and can be enabled in the switches to allow for standby links to the upper level switch.

Dual homing provides an advanced redundancy network solution by connecting switches running in different redundant protocols such as the IEEE802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol and X-Ring to extend the network redundant coverage.

Ethernet Direct industrial managed switches can set back-up masters in X-Ring to ensure the most secure network. Redundancy is achieved by connecting two ports from two separate switches using the X-ring Ring protocol with two ports of managed switches using other redundancy protocol.