Friday, April 20, 2007

Video tutorial aids communication

Ethernet Direct has launched its video tutorial and training site. Ethernet Direct offers a comprehensive technical reference library of information specifically oriented to industrial Ethernet, with topics like Ethernet terms and how they relate to Industrial applications, network architectures and recommendations, industrial ethernet software tools and their value, common issues that are happening on the plant floor, important organisations and their function, sections to cover applications of Ethernet/IP, ProfInet, Foundation Field bus HSE, and Modbus TCP, and security on the plant.

Simplifying the terms and geared for control engineers, Ethernet Direct explains the technology required for the plant floor and industrial applications.
Users can apply for free membership in the Educational link area for advanced support presentations, videos, downloads, 'webinars' and other special features.
Understanding the terms and technology of Ethernet can be of great value as this communication becomes more common in a variety of Industrial applications.
The site is divided into major categories and helps answer frequently asked questions on a wide range of industrial Ethernet topics.