Sunday, March 18, 2007

Flow sensors suit almost any pipe fitting

IFM Electronic's all-stainless steel SI5000 is the latest in a successful line of solid-state flow sensors. A major feature of the new range is a housing made of stainless steel in addition to wetted parts. The all-new SI5000 range uses IFM's calorimetric measuring principle, allowing the sensor to operates with no wear at all while providing high sensitivity and repeatability.

The measuring range covers 3-300cm/s for liquids and 200-3,000 cm/s for gases. Temperatures can vary between - 25 and 80C. It retains push-button setting of switch points and multicolour LEDs on the unit to indicate flow and switch points. Electronic locking of the settings and resetting the parameters to the factory setting provide additional safety. By using process adapters the sensors can be integrated in almost any pipe fitting. The unit is unaffected by the orientation of the sensing face with respect to the direction of flow, providing increased flexibility of installation.