Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Junction Box Lets DC Sensors Be Used in AC Applications

TURCK's New M12 Eurofast AC/DC Junction Box contains an integrated DC power supply that allows the use of DC sensors in AC applications. This unique 4-port junction box simulates a 2-wire AC sensor providing a cost-effective solution that is easier than installing a separate power supply and relays.

Costs are reduced by using DC sensors, which are generally less expensive, instead of AC sensors. The newly integrated power supply also permits the end user to utilize the more prevalent and varied DC sensors in every application, and reduces sensor stock levels.

The AC/DC Interlink BT Junction Box offers 85-132 VAC input, 100 mA output per port, and 24 VDC output to PNP short-circuit protected sensors only. The die-cast aluminum alloy, fully encapsulated housing offers IP 67 protection when all ports are connected or are covered with closure caps. A 7-pin minifast ® connector provides home run quick connection.

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