Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Progammable Control for Gaging Equipment

Improving performance, maintaining reliability and reducing system cost were the basic requirements expressed to Lenze Americas by the engineering team at Pistorius Machine Company. Founded in 1937, Pistorius manufactures equipment for many diverse applications including mitering and double-cut machines plus dust collection, milling & haunching, and finishing systems.

Pistorius selected a Lenze Americas System including a PositionServo Drive, an MAS series brushless servo motor, and a G-motion planetary gear reducer to drive the steel belt linear actuator in their electronic automated gauging equipment. The gear reducer, which was customized to fit the appropriate mounting configuration of Pistorious’s actuator, provides good stable motion by limiting the amount of inertial mismatch between the actuating load and the driving rotor of the servo motor. In addition, by multiplying the output torque of the motor while dividing its input speed by the gear ratio, the gearbox permits the use of a smaller motor but one that is still capable of producing higher rotational speeds. In summary, Pistorius engineers believe that the geared Lenze AC Tech brushless servo is a space-effective, less costly package that results in better system performance.

The Lenze Americas solution provides precise single axis motion control and allows communication over Ethernet for custom-measurement of distances and speeds. The EPM, or electronic programmable memory chip, and the full functionality of the PositionServo eliminate the need for Pistorius to use an additional controller to coordinate motion. The Pistorius Electronic Automated Gage Model 10G allows virtually any operator to make error-free stop settings time after time, dramatically improving quality, and eliminating incorrectly cut parts.

Product Benefits
  • Complete Motion Solution
  • Small Footprint
  • PLC Capability of PositionServo
  • Removable Memory (EPM)
  • Ethernet Communication, Standard
  • Quick, Intuitive Programming
  • Improved System Performance
  • Competitive Pricing

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