Wednesday, November 25, 2015

RFID High Frequency System for Tracking High-Speed Processes

ifm's new RFID DTE identification system tracks, controls and improves the quality of products throughout the automation process. ifm’s DTE RFID solution offers an easy and cost effective way to implement RFID.

Widely used in conveying, mold/die management and pallet tracking, the DTE system is capable of reading and writing data at high speeds and can connect to all common plc’s and industrial bus systems.

RFID system features include:
  • 4-port RFID controller configurable for read/write antennas or digital inputs and outputs
  • Configuration through built in web page, including read/write capability
  • Standard non-shielded M12 cables between antenna and controller
  • 13.56 MHz system uses standard ISO 15693 tags for global compatibility
  • Integrated Ethernet switch which can be used to daisy-chain devices
The robust DTE controller contains a built-in web-based tool for device setup, diagnosis and monitoring. Setting up the device can be done conveniently from the user’s desk, without connection to a field bus system, for example, and thus allows the system to be tested prior to installation. No external software is necessary for configuring.

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