Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Teaching via Display

The LRS 36 switching light section sensor from Leuze electronic can now be conveniently taught directly on the device with a new teach function.

The three standard applications of the LRS 36 teach as area scanner, as area scanner with background suppression and as multiple track completeness monitoring device ("track scan") can now be simply taught and configured via the control panel and the clear menu navigation directly on the device display. An area scanner detects objects at any position within its detection range, e.g., on a conveyor line.

The object size to be detected can be preset in three levels (fine, medium, coarse). With the new teach function, the otherwise time-consuming commissioning and configuration via PC are no longer necessary. Nevertheless, the configuration defined by means of teaching on the device can be read in by the LRSsoft software and further processed in greater detail. Line range sensors (LRS) from Leuze electronic do not work with individual light spots; instead they project a divergent light beam using a laser line illumination. The lasers and receivers are contained together in a compact, easy-to-install unit.

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