Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SnakeEye: The first line of defense against production defects and unhappy customers.

Stealthy defects that used to slip through your best production line defenses will now sound the alarm – and get stopped cold, right on the line. That’s because SnakeEye non-contact infrared thermal sensors actually detect the undetectable. So defective products or packaging that previously found their way into customers’ hands never leave your plant. SnakeEye’s breakthrough Infrared μCalorimetry™ technology can detect the tiniest amount of heat energy in a product without ever touching it, accurately validating sealing integrity.

Whether hot-melt, cold glue, two-part mixtures, UV-activated or any other process, SnakeEye detects the presence or absence and precise position of adhesive on every product on the line. In fact, recent controlled tests showed a SnakeEyeequipped line to deliver 99.997% perfect product, with just .003% scrap!

SnakeEye is small enough to mount easily on new or existing production line machinery, and can add value while cutting waste in any industry, product or process:

• Case sealing: SnakeEye verifies that hotmelt glue or other coatings have been properly applied; eliminates the possibility of scrap or defective shipping cases.

• Packaging: SnakeEye verifies sealing integrity on every package – no more “open flap” nightmares.

• Bottling & Canning: SnakeEye ensures that labels and laser-engraved date codes are applied to every container – and that product is inside even opaque containers.

• Pharmaceutical: SnakeEye instantly detects induction heater malfunction, missing labels or foil safety seals, enhancing validation and cutting costly waste.

• Press-Fit Manufacturing: Interference-fitted metal or plastic parts release a distinctive, detectable heat pulse during manufacturing. SnakeEye ensures proper fit and perfect product.

• Non-wovens: SnakeEye ensures only high-quality product gets shipped – and cuts scrap to virtually zero.

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