Monday, October 01, 2012

SIP Relays Just Got Smaller

Coto Technology has  announced the release of a brand new product series of miniature SIP relays – the 9012 and 9011 Series.

These miniature SIP relays are ideal for use in ATE applications and other high reliability test, measurement, and  telecommunications applications where high board density and long life are key requirements. The 9012 has pins on a 0.100" grid.  The package dimensions (0.4" x 0.150" x 0.4") are 47% smaller than standard 9000 SIPs with a volume of  just 0.024" square, yet the relay retains the 10W switch rating of its larger counterparts.  The 9011 is the smallest of the new SIP products with the same pin spacing  on a 0.100" grid and a volume of just 0.0159" square which is 65% less volume than standard 9000 SIPs. The dimensions are 0.4" x 0.150" x  0.265". The 9011 series incorporates the RI-70 Switch rated at 3W. This same switch has been used with great success in Coto's popular 9800 series.

Both the 9012 & 9011 series are available with 5V or 12V coils.  Both are available with diode options. The 9012 has an internal magnetic shield and the 9011 has an external magnetic shield allowing either type to be mounted in close proximity without interference.  Delivery is from stock to 6 weeks.

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