Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Repositionable adhesives with high final bond strength

Adhesive tapes, graphic films and sophisticated labels for upmarket consumer goods demand innovative adhesives, and Henkel has developed a comprehensive portfolio to meet such needs. Offering solutions in both areas, it comprises removable, repositionable and permanent products.

At this year’s Drupa in Düsseldorf, Henkel is presenting its new PSA adhesive Duro-Tak 3214, which is initially removable and permits repositioning before achieving its final, permanent bond strength. Its ease of use facilitates the large-area application of adhesive tapes and graphic films without loss of material, and even to surfaces that are very difficult to bond. Duro-Tak 3214 can be applied with conventional application equipment and enables the production of high-grade laminates with even better performance.

The adhesives based on solvent acrylics are known for their versatility, strength and resistance to all forms of weathering and to chemical aggression. They can be used among other things for sticking advertising graphic films to buses and decorative films to cars.

Pressure-sensitive label adhesives from renewable raw materials

Pressure-sensitive hotmelt adhesive Technomelt PS 8484 has been developed specifically to meet the growing demand for products with a high share of renewable raw materials. Containing 70 percent renewable materials, the adhesive delivers outstanding adhesion to cardboard and plastics.

Technomelt PS 8484 demonstrates optimal performance even at low temperatures. It has been developed particularly for the coating of packing list pouches based on biofilms, thus providing new impetus for especially sustainable shipping solutions in this growing market.

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