Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Point Source Emitter available in 740nm

The Point Source Emitter series has been expanded to include a 740nm wavelength version for use in Medical Analysis applications. Already widely popular in Encoder, Linear Positioning and Machine Vision applications this LED technology is ideal for critical sensing due to the unobstructed die aperture. Medical fiber can be placed in close proximity to the LED chip with no obstructions to block critical light output.

The unobstructed, radiated beam pattern is made possible by masking the die and relocating the topside electrode. By eliminating the problematic "Dark Spot" typically associated with conventional LEDs, the Point Source LED series will yield far more accurate results in critical sensing applications. A precise light output pattern and controlled narrow spectral bandwidth of light, can be further customized through a series of packaging and lensing options. These devices also offer an extremely low thermal coefficient.

Die aperture windows are available up to 200µm. Custom packaging, sorting and testing are additional services Marktech also offers for these products.
  •     Unobstructed LED Light Output
  •     Near Parallel Bream Option
  •     Narrow Spectral Bandwidth
  •     High Current / Temperature Capability
Marktech is under development of longer wavelengths which include 1.4µm and 1.6µm.

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