Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Non-hazardous graffiti remover

With its P3 Scribex 400 series, Henkel has developed a safe and environmentally sound cleaning solution for removing graffiti from rail vehicles. Unlike standard products, these cleaners do not require hazard labeling. They contain no hazardous ingredients, have low flammability and a low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

This new generation of powerful graffiti removers for cleaning the exterior of trains also offers multiple benefits in terms of sustainability. Scribex 400 is based on raw materials that are fit for the future without any drawbacks regarding health and safety requirements. The new formulation contains no allergenizing or ecotoxicological ingredients such as NMP or terpenes. The low VOC content of  8.6 percent minimizes pollutant emissions in the workshops. P3 Scribex 400 products also offer advantages in terms of transport and storage: The product series has a high flash point of 78°C and therefore requires no hazard labeling.

The P3 Scribex 400 series removes all known synthetic and bitumen-based spray and dispersion paints from painted surfaces without attacking the surfaces themselves. Thanks to their low-odor solvent, the products are pleasant to use and ideal for applications in indoor areas. The cleaners already deliver full performance at temperatures as low as 5°C. Their special composition also prevents rapid evaporation in warm weather, which extends the working time. The products are available in three different viscosity grades to accommodate different kinds of application equipment. The graffiti remover is offered as a sprayable liquid and as a gel. After a short contact time of five to ten minutes, the cleaner is simply washed off with water.

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