Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nichicon Wins Semi-Grand Prix in CEATEC Awards for "EV Power Station" and "Home Power Station"

Nichicon Corporation’s "EV (electric vehicle) Power Station" V2H (vehicle to home) system and "Home Power Station" residential power storage system have won the Semi-Grand Prix in the 2012 CEATEC Awards. These honors come in the Products and Services category, which recognizes companies for creating prosperous and ideal lifestyles.

At CEATEC Japan, one of the world’s most comprehensive trade shows for the IT and Electronics industries, the CEATEC Awards are presented to exihibiting companies possessing technologies, products, services, and systems that show extraordinary innovation. These award selections are promoted in the news around the world.

The "EV Power Station" is a V2H system for charging EV batteries and supplying power from these batteries, and it is the first such system that allows electricity from the EV’s battery to be sent into a home. The "EV Power Station" charges the EV at night, and in the daytime it uses the EV’s battery to supply power to the home during peak electricity demand hours, thus contributing to peak-time shifts. As well, the electricity stored in the large-capacity battery of a Nissan Leaf EV can be used as residential backup power in the case of a power outage.

With the "Home Power Station" residential power storage system, users can charge the battery late at night when electricity rates are lower, and then use this electricity during peak use daytime hours to save on their electricity bills. They can also achieve greater energy self-sufficiency by storing up surplus electricity in the daytime using solar power and then using this electricity at night. And in the case of a power outage, the system’s high-capacity storage can provide backup power to a home.

In selecting the "EV Power Station" and "Home Power Station", the CEATEC Award judges recognized how these systems combine with EVs, undoubtedly a crucial transport mode of the near future; how their innovative technologies can contribute to solving the energy problems that humans are certain to face; and the significant fact that these systems are already on the market and have been proven practical.

These awards have provided Nichicon with even further stimulus to pool the company’s collective expertise and develop even more products and services that respond to the needs and expectations of society.

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