Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Micro/sys's High-Performance, Low-Power ARM Computer Board for StackableUSB™ Paves the Entrance for ARMs in the "PC/104" Market

Micro/sys continues to lead the way in the embedded single board computer world with the release of the high-performance, low-power SBC1651, an ARM Cortex-A8 computer board with StackableUSB™. Having the Freescale Semiconductor i.MX515 CPU at its core, the SBC1651 consumes minimal power while operating at 800MHz and delivering the performance needed to run multimedia-rich applications in harsh and demanding environments.

Its advanced RISC core and tight peripheral integration give the SBC1651 the competitive edge—making its 800MHz perform like 2GHz all the while satisfying the power efficiency required in battery-operated applications. The on-board StackableUSB I/O expansion with USB, I2C and SPI provides access to a wealth of plug-and-play off-the-shelf I/O boards with A/D, D/A, Zigbee, GPS, mass storage, sensors and other embedded I/O. All this combined with a wide range of software operating systems including WinCE, Linux, VxWorks, and Android, makes the SBC1651 ideal for new embedded systems designs or upgrading legacy X86 PC/104 systems.

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