Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Keil RTX supports ROHM BU1511 Family

Keil™ announce immediate support for the ROHM BU1511KV2 device in the Keil RTX Real-Time Operating System.

The ROHM BU1511KV2 ARM946E-S processor-based Event Data Recording device integrates JPEG and Audio Codecs, video encoder, together with Camera, SD Card, and 3-axis accelerometer interfaces.

Keil has worked with ROHM to develop support within the RTX RTOS for the BU1511KV2 device. The fast, fully deterministic behaviour of RTX together with ROHM's specialized libraries enable developers to quickly develop sophisticated event data recording applications.


RTX is a royalty-free, deterministic RTOS designed for ARM-based MCU devices where small memory foot-print and reliable, fast operation are essential. It is included in the Keil MDK-ARM development tools and the RL-ARM Real-Time Library.


The latest version of RTX is available for download as part of the MDK-ARM v4.13a

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