Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Henkel-sponsored freestyle snowmobiler Levi LaVallee shatters world record for distance jumping

Henkel-sponsored freestyle snowmobiler Levi LaVallee just shattered his standing world record for distance jumping on a snowmobile by soaring 412 feet, 6 inches over San Diego harbor. LaValle, who relies upon Loctite brand adhesives and sealants to keep his sled in top form, blasted toward the takeoff ramp at 100 mph, launched through the air across the gap between the North and South parks of Embarcadero Marina Park, and touched down forcefully but safely on the exit ramp.

“I’m as excited as I think a person can be,” said 29-year-old LaVallee in an interview immediately following the jump.” I just landed an over 400-foot jump. I’m not sure how the sled’s doing, but I’m okay.”

The sled was fine. After his interview and some celebration, LaVallee jumped back on the snowmobile, which started right up and ran in top form despite the harsh operating conditions and extreme expectations  of the jump.

This year’s jump broke LaVallee’s standing distance jumping record of 361 feet that he set during training for the 2010 Red Bull. New Year. No Limits. event. Just hours after setting that record, LaVallee was badly injured during a training run, suffering a cracked pelvis, broken ribs, cracked vertebrae and collapsed and punctured lungs. The 2010 New Year’s Eve event was canceled due to the injury that derailed LaValle’s plans.

“We are so proud of Levi for being able to come back from serious injury just a year ago and make this record-shattering jump,” said Mike Shannahan, Henkel’s director of marketing for the North American general industry business. “We are also thrilled that Loctite adhesives, sealants and lubricants did such an amazing job helping his sled to survive this intense perfomance test. We are proud that our products help Levi to keep pushing the limits.”

Beyond his world record distance jumps, LaVallee is widely known for becoming the first person to double backflip a snowmobile in the 2009 Winter X Games. He is a seven-time Winter X Games medalist, holding four gold medals.

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