Monday, October 01, 2012

Henkel – a partner for advanced corrosion protection and wear resistance

Having to replace parts of industrial equipment is a very costly and time-consuming matter. These costs and the lost time can, however, be drastically reduced by repairing, maintaining and protecting the parts. In its newly opened Competence Center for Coatings in Garching, Germany, Henkel offers training courses in which employees of engineering companies can get to know Henkel’s advanced surface treatments and engineering solutions and enhance their skills in applying them.

Henkel provides a broad range of advanced and trusted maintenance, repair and overhaul products based on two-component epoxy resins. Damaged pump parts can, for example, be remodeled using metal-filled compounds from Loctite and so provided with durable protection against corrosion and wear. Conveyor screws can be coated with a sprayable corrosion protection and wear-resistant “shield”, and ball mills provided with a chemical and impact resistant layer. Customers can thus enhance the reliability and safety of their equipment, while saving on the time and costs associated with downtimes and procurement and installation of machine parts.

Center helps users to acquire advanced skills
The newly opened Competence Center for Coatings in Garching (near Munich) in Germany has a 150 square-meter workshop equipped with all the devices needed to produce professional results. These include a blasting cabinet, a washing station and a number of workplaces for manual application with spatulas and brushes through to advanced spraying techniques. Henkel collaborates closely with respected partners such as SafetyKleen and Walther Pilot.

Expert staff with many years of experience and professional equipment are essential for conveying the skills needed to get the best results in applying wear-resistant and corrosion protection products.

Extensive training scope
The work involved demands a professional background to ensure that the treated parts will withstand the sometimes very high loads they will be exposed to and that the coatings will last as long as possible. In-depth, product related training is therefore essential for specialized applicators and for the staff of MRO workshops within large organizations.

Three-day training courses convey all the necessary skills for professional maintenance and repair of engineering parts, such as pump components, for example. This includes careful cleaning and pre-treatment of all parts, application of metal-filled compounds to rebuild damaged surfaces, and expert application of wear-resistant and corrosion protection coatings. Selection of the right products and the appropriate application methods are treated in both the theory and practice modules of the workshop. Additional training sessions also focus on repairing damaged piping or on marine chocking.

The content of the training sessions can be put together individually to meet customer needs, and training can be carried out on site at customer facilities.

Henkel certification for applicators
By setting up a Europe-wide network of certified applicators, Henkel’s aim is not only to establish its surface engineering solutions, but also to promote the professional application of its solutions. Applicators can qualify for certification as a “Henkel Certified Applicator Center”, thus demonstrating the high quality of their workmanship and their knowledge of how to apply Henkel’s wear-resistant and corrosion protection products.

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