Monday, October 01, 2012


With its Ha-VIS preLink® technology, HARTING has laid the foundations for a cabling system that can be installed in both offices and IT centers as well as factories, plants and even outdoors. Ha-VIS preLink® cabling components are always assembled according to the same principle – the terminator block is firstly crimped onto the data cable and the mating face required is then snapped in.

Several mating face variants are available with the RJ45, M12 D-coded and
M12 X-coded versions. The HARTING cabling system ensures extremely fast and completely safe installation of the cabling. No matter where it is installed or which cabling components are used, the desired result is always achieved – an operationally dependable and high-performance network infrastructure. The design is naturally future-oriented to enable transmission according to category 6A / transmission class EA for 10 gigabit Ethernet. The Ha-VIS preLink® product program is undergoing constant development and extension, for example, through terminal boxes for industrial and outdoor utilization scenarios, Ha-VIS preLink® Industrial Outlet, and new intelligent patch solutions, Ha-VIS 6 Port Panel.

The companies HARTING and EasyLan cover the full spectrum of cabling solutions with their expertise in the field of infrastructure for both IP 67 environments, such as industry, automation, machinery and outdoor utilization, and IP 20 environments, such as IT centers and offices.

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