Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Creative Combinations

Han-Yellock® – after leaving the starting gate at the Hannover Messe 2010, Harting's innovative series continues to stride ahead, driven by determined and targeted expansion. The new housing size 60 is meaningfully scaled for a balanced dimensions/benefits ratio. Flat installation dimensions ensure a compact profile in machines and switch cabinets. A function-oriented cable outlet angle improves the handling in densely packed connector panels. The Han-Yellock® housings are simple and swift to use, and protect the interface against unintentional or unauthorized opening. Mating and locking are done in one step.

Covers protect the connector against moisture and dirt when it is not inserted, and contribute to the connection's longevity. What makes the Han-Yellock® series special is the possibility of snapping the protective covers in place on both sides of the housing. Customers can choose the direction of the cover swivel area, allowing adaptation to the individual application during the planning or refitting stage.

Flexibility is the key to contact transmission. Inserts from the widespread Han-Modular® program can be snapped into place in all Han-Yellock® housings without tools by using an adapter frame. This assembly is possible on the insertion or termination side, which simplifies work sequences during commissioning and cabling work. The adapter frame allows a broad spectrum of signal and power transmission with various media to be integrated into an interface, and offers an unbeatable combination of flexibility and product variety.

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