Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Han-Yellock® – the innovative connector design from HARTING – now has two more product components for housings and insulators. The Han-Yellock® universal hood and the Han-Yellock® mixed adapter frame make cable layout even more flexible.

The universal hood provides enough space for a range of cable entry combinations. For example, the drillings can be used for layouts ranging from 3x M20, 2x M25, 2x M32 to 1x M50 cable glands. Individual cables can be fed in, fitted with separate cable connections. Standard cable connections can be used, with the added benefit that maintenance can be carried out by replacing separate individual cables.

This range of cable entry options is particularly important for use with modular insulators. The new Han-Yellock® mixed adapter frame sets a new benchmark for potential wiring combinations. Alongside Han-Yellock® modules with bridging functionality, Han-Modular® modules can also be used for a wide range of transmission data. The unique functionalities of the individual products merge into a single compact interface. This reduces the number and size of connectors on a panel, together with quick mating operation.

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