Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Han® 70 A Hybrid Module

The Han® 70 A Hybrid Module is the latest model in the Han-Modular® series – the highly flexible open connector system from HARTING. Applications also requiring power supply and signal contacts are now possible with the Hybrid Module, with smaller and more economical connectors.

The Han® 70 A Hybrid Module has a power contact for ampacity of 70 A at a rated voltage of 1000 V and four additional signal contacts designed for up to 400 V. Standard Han® E crimp contacts with ampacity of 16 A are used for this.

The power contact has axial screw terminals. Cables measuring from 6 to 22 mm² (8-4 AWG) can be connected without using an expensive special tool. A secure and durable connection can be made with a regular 2.5 mm hexagon screwdriver.

The Han-Modular® series enables users to create their own “personal” connector to the desired configuration. Various modules are available for electrical, optical and gaseous signals and the range is constantly updated.

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