Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Efficient consumption leads to reduced costs

The key criteria for the use of hotmelt adhesives in the packaging industry include high yield, productivity and long-term availability. Under the Technomelt brand, Henkel is now launching two hotmelt adhesives onto the market that have been developed specifically to meet these requirements. Alongside their bond strength, Technomelt Supra 145 and Technomelt Supreme are compelling products affording low consumption values as well as improved flowability in automatic application systems. Both products make use of a new raw material base, which offers the customer a broader spectrum of products, greater choice and enhanced flexibility.

Like all products in the Technomelt Supra line, the Technomelt Supra 145 innovation is defined by high processing quality and low consumption values. Compared to conventional hotmelts, Technomelt Supra 145 has a much higher thermal stability and flows more evenly without stringing or signs of cracking. Moreover, its self-cleaning properties ensure excellent processability. The low stickiness of the granules furthermore improves flowability in automatic application systems. Another advantage of the new Supra 145 is its high heat stability, which allows packaging to be transported safely, even in warm regions.

Building on the worldwide success of the Technomelt Supra product line, Technomelt Supreme from Henkel represents a new generation of hotmelt adhesive products. In contrast to conventional products in granule form, Technomelt Supreme is crystal clear and offers not only an impressive performance but also a unique appearance. Low consumption values in addition to outstanding thermal stability and adhesion are among the product attributes of Technomelt Supreme. This innovative hotmelt adhesive furthermore has high heat resistance and excellent cold flexibility, thereby allowing it to be used in packaging for both warm-fill contents and deep-freeze goods.

Both Technomelt Supra 145 and Supreme are manufactured on the basis of a new category of raw material, thus enabling Henkel to make more efficient use of existing raw materials. For customers in the packaging industry, this translates in particular to supply dependability, flexibility and a wide range of products.

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