Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Assured bonding of light cure adhesives

Henkel as a systems provider for medical engineering lately developed the brand-new LOCTITE AssureCure system. The revolutionary technology combines a newly developed LOCTITE adhesive with a new monitoring system. This promises to provide a hitherto unrivalled level of reliability and precision in the curing of light cure adhesives as the basis for perfect bonding.

Light cure adhesives are used for a wide range of medical items, such as syringes, catheters, blood filters or cannulas. The technology enables to speed production processes while producing aesthetically pleasing, clear bondlines. Henkel has now introduced a new technology designed to quantitatively and cost-effectively assess the degree of cure of light cure adhesives. A simple in-line process, the LOCTITE AssureCure System includes new adhesive technology, fiber optic light sources, light detector unit, and software that ties into the users’ PC or PLC.

The LOCTITE AssureCure Monitoring System is designed to detect, measure, analyze, record and provide a degree of cure metric relative to the transition of specially formulated adhesives from a liquid to a solid (cured). Results can be displayed numerically, corresponding to the degree of cure, or as a pass/fail measurement.  Once integrated into a production line, the LOCTITE AssureCure system provides a reliable, quantitative measurement of the adhesive cure in less than one second. Directly correlated to the strength build of the adhesive, the LOCTITE AssureCure measurement system provides assurance that the adhesive has cured completely and reached the desired strength for the target application.

By confirming that the adhesive used to bond the components has cured, the innovative system provides a reliable, in-line, non-destructive method. In particular the LOCTITE AssureCure system offers significant value to manufacturers. It provides an in-line quality check on 100% of production parts and reduces extensive in-process quality checks and associated scrap components. The new LOCTITE AssureCure system easily integrates into existing production lines downstream of the light curing operation and provides an immediate, non-destructive analysis of all bonded assemblies measured. LOCTITE AssureCure equipment is positioned directly after a production line’s existing light cure equipment and provides assurance that the adhesive has cured completely and reached the desired bond strength for the target application.

The matching LOCTITE light cure adhesives can be provided in a range of viscosities, physical properties and package configurations. For medical device applications, LOCTITE AssureCure adhesives meet strict ISO 10993 biocompatibility requirements.

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