Monday, October 01, 2012

9290 Relay is Small and Heat Resistant

Coto Technology has  announced the release of a new product -- the 9290 series Surface Mount Reed Relay.

The 9290 is smaller than the similar 9200 series and requires 35% less pad space per relay.  Additionally, the 9290 has  an external magnetic shield which minimizes interaction between relays that are mounted close together.  Like Coto's ultraminiature surface mount relays, the 9290 utilizes a  higher temperature solder alloy for internal connections. The solder alloy, Sn95/Sb5, allows for process temperatures of 430F (226C) max for a 1 minute dwell time; this can be a significant benefit in many harsh reflow processes.  For designers, coaxial shields are included to provide RF capability and fast rise time for switching pulses.  Standard versions of the 9290 will utilize Coto's high-reliability ATE grade RI-27 switch.  Uses for the  9290 series vary widely, but it is a strong choice for ATE, Process Instrumentation and Telecommunications applications.

Gull wing surface mount style is available in tubes of 100 pieces or tape  & reel spools of 1000 pcs.  Delivery is from stock to 6 weeks.

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