Tuesday, October 09, 2012

850nm Point Source LED

Improved spectral output and speed are features of Marktech's new 850nm Point Source LED product series. The point source series has become the product of choice in applications such as Encoders, Linear Positioning and Edge Sensing, Optical Switches and Machine Vision systems.

Packaging includes standard TO-18 and TO- 46 metal cans as well as ceramic SMD types with standard aperture emitting windows 50µm and 150µm customizable up to 200µm. An unobstructed, radiated beam pattern is made possible by masking the die and relocating the topside electrode. By eliminating the "dark spot" typically associated with the center of conventional LEDs, the point source LED yields superior results in critical sensing applications. The device also offers an extremely low thermal coefficient.

Marktech's Point Source LEDs come with or without optics to provide the designer with optimum flexibility in sophisticated design efforts. Point Source LEDs supplied with factory optics can provide an extremely narrow, near parallel radiation pattern as low as 4 degrees. The optical grade, parabolic glass lens is specifically designed to optimize the effects of the Point Source chip. Devices supplied without optics are supplied with a glass window allowing the designer to utilize proprietary collimating or other application specific optics to take full advantage of the undistorted beam.

In additional to packaged solutions, Marktech has in house capabilities to produce custom assemblies or packaging utilizing the point source die. Red 650 nm Point Source devices are also available.

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