Monday, September 10, 2012

Sil-Pad 1200

Sil-Pad 1200 is a silicone based, fiberglass-reinforced thermal interface material featuring a smooth, highly compliant surface.  The material features a non-tacky surface for efficient re-positioning and ease of use, as well as an optional adhesive coating.  Sil-Pad 1200 exhibits exceptional thermal performance at lower application pressures.  The material is ideal for placement between electronic power devices and a heatsink for screw and clip mounted applications.

Typical Applications Include
  •     Automotive electronics control modules
  •     Motor controls
  •     Discrete devices
  •     Power supplies
  •     Audio amplifiers
  •     Telecommunications
Features and Benefits
  •     Thermal impedance: 0.53°C-in2/W (@50 psi)
  •     Exceptional thermal performance at lower application pressures
  •     Smooth and non-tacky on both sides for easy re-positioning, ease of use and assembly error reduction
  •     Superior breakdown voltage and surface "wet out" values
  •     Designed for applications where electrical isolation is critical
  •     Excellent cut-through resistance, designed for screw and clip mounted applications

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