Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sil-Pad 1100ST

Sil-Pad 1100ST (Soft Tack) is a fiberglass-reinforced thermal interface material featuring inherent tack on both sides. The material exhibits excellent thermal performance at low mounting pressures. The material is supplied on two liners for exceptionally easy handling prior to auto-placement in high-volume assemblies. The material is ideal for placement between an electronic power device and its heat sink.

Features and Benefits
  •     Inherent tack on both sides for exceptional thermal performance and easy placement
  •     Re-positionable for higher utilization, ease of use and assembly error reduction
  •     Lined on both sides for ease of handling prior to placement in high volume assemblies
  •     Exhibits exceptional thermal performance even at a low mounting pressure
  •     Fiberglass reinforced
  •     Value alternative to Sil-Pad 1500ST
Typical Applications
  •     Automotive ECMs
  •     Power supplies
  •     Motor controls
  •     Between an electronic power device and its heat sink

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