Friday, September 28, 2012

New High-Sensitivity Spartan SIP

Coto Technology has introduced a  high-sensitivity reed relay to its line of economical "Spartan" SIP's.

The 5-volt 9007-05-40 has 1000 ohm coil resistance (rather than the standard 500 ohm) and includes an external  magnetic shield.  The new SIP is available only in Form A with an optional diode.  The 9007-05-40 is .25" wide and .810" long with .2" spacing between  the four leads and has contact ratings of 10 watts and up to 200 volts or 0.5 Amp switching.  Like other SIP's in Coto's economical Spartan series, the 9007-05-40  is a general purpose relay ideally suited for security, industrial and telecom applications.  The SIP offers high-insulation resistance and high-speed switching when compared to electromechanical relays.

The 9007-05-40 is available with stock to six week lead times.

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