Friday, September 28, 2012

Low Thermal EMF Relays Reduce Thermocoupling

Coto Technology's 3500 and 3600 series Low Thermal EMF Reed Relays reduce thermocoupling and provide for true voltage measurements at very low signal levels.

The 3500 & 3600 series Reed Relays  address the problem of stray voltages introducing errors into the signal path when measuring low level signals (tens to hundreds of microvolts).  Typically, as temperature increases, stray voltages are generated by  "thermocouples" in the circuit, resulting from the dissimilar materials of a relay.

Coto's low thermal relays incorporate a patented thermal chip which provides thermal  equilibrium while maintaining electrical isolation.  This helps to compensate for the effects of thermal gradients which cause EMF voltages. Coto's low thermal relays are available  with maximum thermal EMF ratings between  0.5 V and 10 V and are 100% production tested.  Other available features include: Switching voltages up to 1000VDC; dry- or  mercury-wetted reed switches; up to 3-form-A switch configuration; control voltage of 5 or 12 VDC; and an optional electrostatic shield.  In addition, Coto's low thermal relays  have fast switching times (.07mS for turn-on and 0.1mS for turn-off) allowing for a high sample rate when monitoring several processes.

Contact your local sales representative or Coto Technology for additional details and assistance with specific applications.

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